Welcome to the Consortium on Moral Decision-Making

A collaborative hub dedicated to unraveling the intricate threads of ethical choices. As a multidisciplinary alliance of scholars, thinkers, and practitioners, we delve into the complexities of moral dilemmas, seeking a deeper understanding of how individuals and societies navigate the delicate balance between right and wrong.


The Consortium on Moral-Decision Making was developed through the Penn State Rock Ethics Institute, College of the Liberal Arts, and Social Science Research Institute to unite scholars across various institutions who are passionate about multidisciplinary research in the field of ethics and morality. The Consortium aims to fulfill our mission through:

  1. Hosting regular meetings among Consortium members to develop new interdisciplinary projects, such as studies, papers, and grant proposals. We use these meetings as an opportunity to share research and get integrative feedback, workshop grant proposals, focus on a particular research topic, or discuss how the Consortium can continue to grow to benefit our research community.
  2. Offering support for Consortium members to engage in research and community-building through our seed grant program, which is meant to energize and give momentum to interdisciplinary social science projects.
  3. Encouraging interaction with Consortium members, helping to identify both shared points of common emphasis across departments and colleges throughout the Penn State campuses and beyond to external universities and organizations around the world. Additionally, helping to identify points of complementary methodological strengths (by encouraging collaborations across disciplines who might study morality using different tools), thus nurturing a collaborative and supportive network of academics.

Member Spotlight

Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Trent University Durham, Canada
Research Scientist at the Department of Social & Human Research, Romanian Academy
Associate Professor of Psychology and Direct of Conflict Resolution Laboratory, University of Pittsburgh
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Columbia University in the City of New York
Professor of Psychology, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, the Department of Social Science and Policy Studies
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Gordon College
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