Polarization and Morality

Polarization and Morality

How can we employ intervention strategies to encourage ethical behavior, and when are these interventions necessary? Many of our scholars are interested in how we can translate our research into interventions or strategies to influence moral behavior. Whether that be in healthcare settings, in the workplace, or through pedagogical means, those studying moral interventions are finding ways to consider real-world implications of their research, and how it can be applied in practical settings.

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Political Polarization Hack-a-Thon
April 2024

We convened several researchers in psychology, political science, media studies, communication arts and sciences, and sociology to brainstorm new actionable ideas in political polarization and morality.

Civic Education for a Serious People
November 2023

Dr. Christopher Beem (Associate Research Professor and Managing Director, McCourtney Institute for Democracy) presented in progress work related to democratic virtues and decision-making called “Civics Education for a Serious People: 2 Proposals”. This meeting built from our previous meeting, in which we convened several different researchers to discuss complementary approaches to studying political polarization, with the aim of cultivating new projects.

Consortium Meeting on Political Polarization
October 2023

During this meeting, faculty and graduate students had some great discussion surrounding our multidisciplinary interests in political polarization.

We are hoping that this meeting was a valuable starting point for considering grant applications, long term projects, etc.

Consortium to present seed grant recipients
Blog Post on Moral Psychology by Clara Civiero

Check out Consortium RA Clara Civiero’s blog post on why she’s interested in the social scientific study of morality, empathy, and ethics.